LED Backlit Slim Frames

LED Writing Board

04LED Writing boards are the most flexible form of displays, as the name suggests. While some part of the board can be used for any Logo display and the other part will be open for writing These are extremely useful in the Shops, Hotels, Educational Institutes, Hospital and any other Corporate set ups Choice of sizes and colours are available

Size Color/th>
1' * 1.5' RGB
2' * 1.5' RGB
2' * 3' RGB
2' * 2.5' RGB

Crystal LED Frames

04Crystal LED Frames are the new age print media display techniques Any product advertisement once printed on a flex or any other such material will be fixed into a Crystal LED Frame This gives elegance to the whole display unit. These displays are available in different sizes and colours Such displays can be used in Shops, Malls, Hospitals, Educational Institutions, Airports and any other Public areas

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